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Upper Body Ergometers

Perfect for building strength and stamina when space is tight, upper body ergometers function as both an arm and a leg workout. 

The First Degree E-820 Fitness UBE is perfect for the professional facility where maximum function with minimal adjustment is required. This versatile machine operates as a standing or seated Upper Body Ergometer. With adjustment to only the resistance, height of handles and seat position, the E820 is ideally suited to high use facilities.
The First Degree Fitness E-720 Fluid Cycle XT helps you achieve total body conditioning. It is a combination Recumbent Cycle and Seated or Standing Upper Body Ergometer. Instantly adaptable between these three functions, the E-720 applies fluid resistance to these 3 machines in 1. The combination of fluid resistance to cycling and upper body strength building gives the user a novel whole body workout in one piece of equipment. With 20 levels of patented variable resistance, a 360 degree rotating main arm and dual-use pedal/hand grips this is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment in the world.
The First Degree Fitness E-920 UBE Cycle is instantly adaptable between 3 functions - seated, standing or wheelchair access. It’s the top value option of 3 machines in 1. The E-920 is perfect for the professional facility where maximum versatility of equipment is essential and is ideal for rehabilitation.
The First Degree Fitness E-620 Seated UBE, a slimmed down version for home and commercial applications, is streamlined yet powerful. With its fine lines and small footprint, one session applying 20 levels of patented Variable Fluid Resistance will convince anyone wanting a great upper body workout that they need look no further.
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