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True Fitness

With a smooth, side-to-side motion, TRUE's Traverse Lateral Trainer provides a workout experience like no other. Sculpting both core and lower body while activating more muscle groups than other traditional cardio machines, TRUE's lateral trainer provides a unique high intensity training experience. 

For over three decades, TRUE has been dedicated to building easy-to-use commercial fitness equipment that combines innovation with dependability. A global leader in premium fitness machines, TRUE offers unparalleled service and peace of mind to our customers and clients every step of the way.

With the side-to-side motion of the TRUE Traverse Lateral Trainer, users will get a workout like no other — sculpting your core and lower body. The TRUE Traverse provides smooth motion for a better workout in less time. With unique programming features, such as the Cardio 360 workout, users will activate more muscle groups than on other cardio machines. The TRUE Traverse is manufactured with the same high quality and craftsmanship that TRUE has been known for in the fitness industry for over thirty-four years. Experience high-intensity training on the TRUE Traverse. Self-Generating Functionality Generator Magnetic Resistance Source Dual Stage Drive System 30 Resistance Levels Multi-Position and Moisture Resistant Handlebars
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