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Bicycle & Fitness Equipment Trade-Ins

Bicycle & Fitness Equipment Trade-Ins Accepted Year Round

We understand that (like people) bicycles and fitness equipment come in all shapes, sizes & styles that change with the times.

Trading-in your old equipment is a great way to refresh your home and outdoor exercise routine while helping someone else benefit from your once pre-loved set of wheels and used goods! It's also a great way to offset the cost of a new in-store purchase. No appointments necessary.

Bike Trade-In

When it comes to a bicycle (for kids & adults alike), the correct size makes all the difference in a comfortable, safe and fun riding experience. So, whether it’s a beater bike that you haven’t ridden for years, the kids have outgrown theirs or you simply have a newer model that just doesn’t quite fit your current riding style anymore, trade it in and apply that value towards the purchase of something else that better suits your needs.

Exercise Equipment Trade-In

Exercise equipment changes over the years as does your body. What was once easy on your joints may not be anymore. You may even have equipment that never quite worked well to begin with that always seems to break down and take up space.

The prospects of upgrading to the latest interactive exercise units are exciting! Trading-in old, clunky equipment not only saves you space, but also saves you money for better, more effective workouts from the comfort of home.

How Does It Work

Bring your bicycle(s) and/or fitness equipment to our store and our seasoned mechanics will assess a fair value (up to 50% of the original purchase pricebased on the current condition of the frame and drivetrain system down to the belt, saddle & grips (where applicable). Costs for replacement parts required for functional & safe resale may also be factored into the final trade-in value.

With bicycles, we also utilize a third-party valuation service, Bicycle Blue Book, that helps generate an instant estimate for your trade-in. See Below.

Please Note: To do our part to address any theft concerns and for your added security, we require a valid driver’s license to process all trade-ins and do not offer cash exchanges. Whether you decide to trade-in your equipment or not, with our assistance, you will be able to make an informed decision.

To check our Used Bike and Fitness Equipment Availability, call the shop or stop on in!

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