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Turn everyday activities into feats of strength. Our body weights, hand grips and swiss balls can turn things you do everyday into a workout.
Harbinger Balance Trainer
A safe and versatile Core Training tool, that helps develop core muscle groups while improving posture and balance. Highly versatile - use standing, sitting, kneeling, laying down and in tandem with exercise equipment such as balls, resistance cables or two Balance Trainers at a time. Enhances core muscle development and strength by isolating specific muscle groups. Two sided for different training surfaces. 13 inches in diameter 3 inches in height. Made of soft, pliable polymer. Can be wiped down after use.
Ultimately Fit 30' Agility Ladder
The Ultimately Fit 30'Agility Ladder is perhaps the most versatile piece of equipment for developing agility, balance, speed and quickness. Do hopping, bounding and running drills forward, backward, sideways.
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