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Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance Combats Problems BEFORE They Occur!

By offering a fitness facility to your customers, you have made an investment in not only your business but in your community, too. Keeping your fitness facilities clean and equipment operational requires more than just quick machine wipe downs and reactive error reporting. However, like you, we recognize there is only so much time in a day.

That’s where Bickel’s can help.

Scheduled maintenance identifies and combats potential equipment issues before they occur. By implementing a Preventative Maintenance program, our certified fitness technicians are able to routinely make sure your equipment is clean and in good, working condition. Our technicians are able to proactively address any areas of concern throughout the year, thus extending the life of your equipment investment and minimizing downtime for your customers, keeping them happy and satisfied.   

When machines run longer with less downtime and fewer repairs, your facility is seen as a clean, safe and fun place to use. That's to say, not only does your fitness equipment stay in shape with a preventative maintenance program, but so do your customers along with your facility’s budget. 

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