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True Fitness

TRUE’s functional trainers allow for unrestricted movement in multiple planes making them an ideal tool for sports performance, athletic conditioning and fitness training in any facility where space and budget are limited.

For over three decades, TRUE has been dedicated to building easy-to-use commercial fitness equipment that combines innovation with dependability. A global leader in premium fitness machines, TRUE offers unparalleled service and peace of mind to our customers and clients every step of the way.

Paramount Fitness Line Functional Trainer
Offering an incredibly diverse selection of exercises in a cost effective, space efficient and user friendly package, the FS-100 integrates seamlessly into the highly successful Fitness Line family of products.
True Fitness FORCE Functional Trainer
TRUE is Impacting Fitness. TRUE has a thirty-four year history making the world’s most premium cardio equipment. Now, they are taking that same manufacturing and design quality and bringing it to you in the new FORCE strength line. All of the features you have come to associate with TRUE are found in the FORCE line…quality, durability, craftsmanship and superior aesthetics. Welcome to the new TRUE. The TRUE FORCE Functional Trainer encompasses fully shrouded weight stacks that provide increased safety for users as well as premium aesthetics. The integrated towel, water bottle and tablet holder provide user-convenience while keeping your facility uncluttered and preventing tripping hazards. The twist and roll pulley adjustment handles allow effortless, one-handed adjustments, making this machine incredibly easy to operate by all users. The integrated cambered and knurled pull-up bar delivers yet another exercise for users and offers a multi-grip feature so that each user can complete the exercise comfortably. Like the rest of the TRUE FORCE Strength Line, this piece exudes a style that will capture the attention of any user, and will provide them with a fitness experience that will convince them to come back for more, time and time again.
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