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Recumbent Ellipticals

Start sprinting towards a more fit you, without destroying your knees and back. Our ellipticals offer a great cardio workout, without the shin splints.

SCIFIT steppers are versatile and easy to use. The low-impact SCIFIT StepOne provides a smooth, total body functional movement. With easy access and adjustments, StepOne provides a safe, comfortable exercise for users of all ages and abilities.
The SciFit REX has a smooth, natural total body movement that provides a natural and consistent flexion and extension. Bi-directional movement and resistance - the user can exercise in forward and reverse motion. Low profile seat back allows for torso rotation and increased core recruitment. Easy seat adjustment forwards and backwards.
CS4 Cardio Strider - Featuring a Swivel Seat with Motorized Seat Height Adjustments The unique linear path of the CS4 pedals greatly reduce knee stress while still engaging the user's leg muscles and glutes. The moving handlebars target the large muscles of the upper body for maximum calorie burn and conditioning. Twelve preset programs with 20 levels of resistance make the CS4 the perfect, full body workout for people of all fitness levels. Attain your fitness goals without compromising your joints. Being fit never felt so good!
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