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Medicine Balls

Strength and Stability. Turn everyday acvitivies into feats of strength. Our body weights, hand grips and medicine balls help everyday activites become easier to do. 

Body-Solid Medicine Balls
$25.00 - $125.00
Body-Solid Medicine balls are ideal for every day use because they are compact enough to keep in any room. Medicine balls are ideal for a wide range of upper and lower-body exercises, including crunches, rotational twists and leg raises. Incremental weights between 2 lbs and 30 lbs let you vary the intensity of your routines.
TKO Rubberized Medicine Ball
$21.00 - $53.00
TKO's Rubberized Medicine ball is a heavy-duty, weighted ball designed to enhance your strength training workouts. The ball features an easy-to-grip rubber surface for effective tossing and catching. - Heavy duty weighted ball that bounces - Two-tone color easy to identify sizes - Durable, weather resistant, non-slip surface - Available in 2lb / 4lb / 6lb / 8lb / 10lb / 12lb / 15lb
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