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Whether you are training for your next 5k or just getting in shape, you can hit the belt running on our Horizontal Fitness and True Fitness treadmills.

True Fitness CS650 Treadmill
$7,499.00 - $10,199.00
The TRUE CS650 Treadmill was designed for facilities that demand the very best. Precision hand-built craftsmanship, innovative user-centric features and quality components vividly demonstrate their 30-year commitment to making the finest treadmills in the world. The classic aluminum powder coat finish and matched aluminum straddle covers are a stylish touch to this rugged performer.
True Fitness CS600 Treadmill
$6,799.00 - $9,499.00
TRUE Fitness knows what it takes to last in the fitness industry. With over 30 years of innovation experience, TRUE continues to be recognized as the best in the industry for quality and durability. The original goal 32 years ago was to build the world’s best fitness equipment. That same commitment to quality is found in every TRUE product today. Building the best will always remain the top priority.
True Fitness Alpine Runner
$7,999.00 - $10,699.00
It’s not your average treadmill. It’s not your average incline trainer. The TRUE Alpine Runner is the ultimate in incline training. With an incline range of -3% to 30% you can intensify your workout like never before. Combine that with all the quality and features that you know treadmills for, and you have the best cardio machine on the market. Runners and walkers alike will love the softer deck of TRUE Alpine Runner. Climb to new heights with the TRUE Alpine Runner.
True Fitness CS400 Treadmill
$5,699.00 - $7,799.00
TRUE Fitness has over 30 years of history making the world’s best treadmills. The TRUE CS400 Treadmill is no exception and will put your facility in a class all its own. Give your customers what they want – quality fitness equipment to keep them healthy in their busy lifestyle. With TRUE you get premium cardio equipment with world-class support and service. Let us introduce you to TRUE today.
True Fitness CS900 Treadmill
$8,299.00 - $10,999.00
With the TRUE CS900 Treadmill, you not only get high-quality craftsmanship and durability, you get over 30 years of history in the treadmill manufacturing industry. With TRUE you not only purchase equipment, you purchase the knowledge and experience that makes each treadmill one that will meet your facilities' demands each day. Give your members what they want most – a machine they can depend on to help them reach their goals. With intuitive and advanced technology available in a variety of consoles, there is something to meet every budget, and every user’s need.
True Fitness PS900 Treadmill
The TRUE PS900 Treadmill is a rugged performer designed for durability. This workhorse is driven by a powerful DC motor that delivers TRUE’s signature smooth and quiet acceleration, and proven reliability. TRUE Fitness prides itself on manufacturing the world’s highest quality cardio equipment to fit every facility and every budget. The PS900 is the embodiment of that philosophy. This treadmill will deliver superior quality to meet all of your customers’ needs. This treadmill is simple to use for the beginner, yet advanced enough to help the seasoned runner reach their goals and stay on track.
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