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Inspire Fitness

Inspire Fitness CR2 Cross Rower
Get in to the shape of your life with the revolutionary Inspire Fitness CR2 Cross Rower. This rowing machine combines a pulling a pushing resistance unlike most conventional rowers that only provide a pulling resistance. The pushing motion will work additional muscles including abdominal muscles, triceps & shoulders which you wouldn't target from a pulling machine. Perfect CrossFit machine. Rowing machines are very popular indeed as provide cardiovascular and strength training from one machine. A rower also targets all major muscle groups and is not only a high fat burning workout but you also benefit from toning your body. 3 different comfort grip handles - High position, low and neutral grip from the center. Push and pull to get the flywheel in motion, dial in resistance to control the level of intensity you require. Increased resistance for an anaerobic workout/sprinting. Another unique feature on this machine is you can remove hands from the hand grips and solely target muscles in the lower body.
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