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Rowers provide a straightforward and convenient combination of cardio and resistance training. A low-impact exercise where users mimic rowing a boat, rowing machine benefits are many. 

A dual-purpose machine, rowers allow users to work muscles in both the upper and lower body. Users leg muscles get a workout from pulling and pushing themselves along the main track, while muscles in the arm and chest have to contend with resistance from the handle and cord being pulled. A rowing machine is generally low to the ground with some units having an optional seat back support available.

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Now you can get a transformative workout that fits your body comfortably and your home beautifully. With the Oxford 6 rower, you’ll discover ergonomics that accommodate your unique shape and your natural movements for efficient low-impact exercise, plus sleek industrial design and whisper-quiet operation that won’t disrupt your home whether your rower is in motion or tilted up for compact storage. •Premium aluminum rail (fits inseams up to 38"), magnetic resistance and smooth-action drive belt combine for whisper-quiet, natural movements •Ergonomically refined seat fits a wide range of users and makes even long workouts comfortable •Footpads include optimized spacing and quick-adjust straps Optimized seat height and ultra-stable design offer a balanced, grounded feel and make it easy to get on and off •Backlit console provides complete workout feedback and raised buttons for easy program change, plus adjustable angle and height •20 magnetic resistance levels accommodate a wide range of fitness levels and include electronic adjustment for quick changes
Cr2 Cross Rower - Total Body Workout in 10 Minutes If torching calories in a short amount of time sounds good to you, then the Cross Rower is the machine for you. It's bi-directional resistance is uniquely designed to activate all the muscles of the body and kick start your metabolic furnace. No other piece of exercise equipment comes close to matching the full body, low impact, aerobic benefits of the Cross Rower. If you are looking to spend less time working out while simultaneously burning more calories, look no further. With the Cross Rower, you'll be finishing your fat burning, full body workout while everyone else is still warming up.
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