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Rowers provide a straightforward and convenient combination of cardio and resistance training. A low-impact exercise where users mimic rowing a boat, rowing machine benefits are many. 

A dual-purpose machine, rowers allow users to work muscles in both the upper and lower body. Users leg muscles get a workout from pulling and pushing themselves along the main track, while muscles in the arm and chest have to contend with resistance from the handle and cord being pulled. A rowing machine is generally low to the ground with some units having an optional seat back support available.

First Degree Fitness E-316 Fluid Rower
The First Degree Fitness E-316 Fluid Rower delivers the closest thing to a real, on-the-water rowing experience with a natural catch and resistance through each stroke. In addition to all the rowers in the First Degree Fitness fluid family, the E-316 has unmatched durability and is easy to use and delivers a great whole body workout, calorie and cardio burn.
First Degree Fitness E-520 Fluid Rower
The First Degree Fitness E-520 Fluid Rower is a high-end rowing unit for professional health clubs. The E-520 rower is the epitome of all indoor rowers representing the highest quality indoor rowing experience and is at the top of an already excellent line of fluid rowers from First Degree Fitness.
First Degree Fitness Viking AR Fluid Rower
The First Degree Fitness Viking AR Fluid Rower is one of the most elegant, fine-wood rowers for home use and small gyms. This rower has raised the bar significantly by applying a fine-wood design to one of the highest quality lines of rowing machines in the market.
Life Fitness Row GX Trainer
Designed with a state-of-the-art, patented Fluid Technology Resistance system, the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer creates a smooth and natural motion that challenges the entire body and delivers one of the most effective workouts available. Its unique design allows each user to feel, hear and see water churn in the tank, creating an engaging rowing experience, and its adjustable resistance design lets the machine adapt to their individual fitness level. The Row GX Trainer can also be stored vertically when not in use to create more floor space in training areas.
Inspire Fitness CR2 Cross Rower
Cr2 Cross Rower - Total Body Workout in 10 Minutes If torching calories in a short amount of time sounds good to you, then the Cross Rower is the machine for you. It's bi-directional resistance is uniquely designed to activate all the muscles of the body and kick start your metabolic furnace. No other piece of exercise equipment comes close to matching the full body, low impact, aerobic benefits of the Cross Rower. If you are looking to spend less time working out while simultaneously burning more calories, look no further. With the Cross Rower, you'll be finishing your fat burning, full body workout while everyone else is still warming up.
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