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Turn everyday activities into feats of strength. Our body weights, hand grips and swiss balls can turn things you do everyday into a workout.
Harbinger Speed Rope
With the Harbinger Speed Rope, just 5 to 10 minutes of jumping will get that heart rate up and the calories burning. The Speed Rope´s solid, dual-corded rope offers a consistent swing motion and won´t stretch out. Solid, dual-corded PVC rope offers a consistent swing motion and eliminates stretching. Molded handles with steel bearings provide a sure grip and a smooth motion. The Harbinger Speed Rope is 9ft. in length and it can be shortened.
Harbinger 2lb Weighted Jump Rope
Providing versatility for advanced training, the Harbinger 2-lb Weighted Jump Rope features an adjustable length (max. 9 ft) and steel bearings for a smooth, consistent swing motion. Each handle comes with three 1/3-lb weights that can be added for a maximum of 2 lbs. The "Dual-Corded" PVC rope resists stretching.
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