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Harbinger 2lb Weighted Jump Rope

Harbinger 2lb Weighted Jump Rope
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Providing versatility for advanced training, the Harbinger 2-lb Weighted Jump Rope features an adjustable length (max. 9 ft) and steel bearings for a smooth, consistent swing motion. Each handle comes with three 1/3-lb weights that can be added for a maximum of 2 lbs. The "Dual-Corded" PVC rope resists stretching.

  • Each handles comes with (3) 1/3lb.weights that have been designed to fit together, to be used separately, or not at all for maximum workout flexibility.
  • Dual-Corded PVC rope - PVC wrapped around cotton cording to prevent stretching.
  • Steel bearings provide a smooth, consistent swing motion and are highly durable.
  • 9ft. length that can be shortened.
  • To determine the proper length of the rope you should be jumping with, loop and hold down the center of the rope beneath your left foot, hold the handles in your left hand. When you completely straighten the rope line upward, the handles should be level with the top of your armpit.
  • To adjust the length of your rope, remove the cap from one of the handles of the jump rope, push the rope up through the handle, you will find an unused crimping clamp, figure out where you need to adjust your rope, re-crimp the rope be careful you can only do this once.

Part Numbers

000751507193 WT-HA-331800