Electric Bicycles

Lightweight, high tech and super fun to ride.

Electric Bikes (also called e-bikes or electric assist bicycles) are human-powered bicycles with integrated electric motors to provide a cyclist with additional power and speed. E-bikes can also be referred to as pedal-assist bicycles.

The latest generation of e-bikes feature lightweight, removable & rechargeable batteries, making them easy, practical and fun to ride in a variety of settings. This style of bicycle is wildly popular in Europe and is now one of the fastest growing types of bicycles in the US.

Who Loves Riding an E-Bike?

EVERYONE! On or off-road, e-bikes are perfect for those who want to adventure a bit farther or get to their destination a bit faster. It's all about possibility. Learn more about just a few of the types of cyclists who benefit from and enjoy riding an e-bike. 

The Recreational Cyclist

You enjoy being outdoors and spending quality time with your friends and family, however a little added assistance on those bigger hills and river bluffs sure would nice, especially when that headwind kicks in! With an e-bike, riding becomes a breeze, so much so, you may find yourself riding more often!

And while you love being active and exploring the world around you, you might not be as young nor as fit as you once use to be. You may even have a riding partner that bikes just a tad bit faster than you. With an e-bike, it's the great equalizer. The pedal-assist allows riders of different speeds to easily ride together without the struggles of "keeping up." 

The Commuter

You ride to work - day in & day out, rain or shine. You love the time that you spend on your bike, but if you could arrive to work a little faster with a little less sweat (while carrying life's necessities to and from), you would. With an e-bike, that is possible. 

You may also be someone who prefers to use your bike more and your car less for your daily tasks, but sometimes it just seems easier to jump in the car and go from errand to errand. However, if you could ride a little faster and haul a heavier load by bike, you definitely would. That's where an e-bike does the job. 

Demo on Demand

It's one thing to look at a bike but it's another to get on it and ride! Interested in an e-bike and would like to give one a try for a couple of hours? It's this easy...

  • Give us a call (319-754-4410), send an email (Info@BickelsInc.com) or simply stop by to make sure we have the correct size frame available and we'll arrange a date & time for your demo.
  • We will bring your e-bike(s) right to you, pointing out the features and demonstrating how they work. 
  • Go enjoy an awesome ride! (We'll be available to contact anytime if you have questions &/or need assistance)
  • When done, we pick-up the e-bike(s) and bring back to the shop.
  • Had a really great time (& we know you will!) and want one for keeps?! We can help you with that, too.