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Lucky Pro Scooters

Lucky Pro Scooters Prospect Pro Scooter
$229.95 - $259.99
What’s not to love about the Lucky PROSPECT™ pro scooter? It’s strong, durable, and lightweight…. and the bottom deck graphics are out of this galaxy good! This scooter is held to Lucky's highest standards and is outfitted with some of the best Lucky parts and all at a price point that won’t break the bank. You get what you see on this complete and we see buttery Atom wheels, PryBar, TCS compression, and a deck that’s perfect for any rider. Flip the scooter over and you’ll love how good the deck graphics look. They not only wanted to make the scooter amazing but they wanted to have the best graphics in the industry and achieved that by working with local Northwest artist, Shogo Ota. The Prospect might be the middle child of the 2016 Deep Roots Collection, but it is just as special as the rest.
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