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Body-Solid GDCC Bar Attachment
The Body-Solid GDCC Bar Attachment enhances your Body-Solid Functional Training Center (sold separately) by providing a long, 42-inch bar that connects to each cable attachment for more traditional unilateral movements, such as pressing, squats and lat pull-downs.
Body-Solid Gym-Mounted Accessory Rack
Keep all your home-gym accessories organized with the Body-Solid Gym-Mounted Accessory Rack. This handy rack mounts directly to the frame and includes 6 pegs for hanging up to 12 accessories.
Body-Solid Inner & Outer Thigh Machine
You'll be able to strengthen your adductor and abductor muscles with the Body-Solid Inner & Outer Thigh Machine. It's outfitted with a 210-pound weight stack. And, you'll enjoy optimum positioning with the range-of-motion and back-pad adjustments, with top-notch comfort and stability thanks to the swiveling knee pads and side handles.
Body-Solid Leg & Calf Press Machine
Maximize your leg development with the Body-Solid Leg & Calf Press Machine. You'll love the non-slip rubber covered footplate, telescoping back pad and stability handles. Plus the 210-pound weight stack with the special cabling allows a generous 420 pounds of resistance.
Body-Solid Leg Press Option for EXM4000S
Maximize your leg development with the Body-Solid Leg Press Option for their EXM4000S gym. This heavy-duty leg-press attachment includes an additional 210-pound weight stack, and increases the number of simultaneous gym users to 4. You’ll love the special cabling that allows double the resistance selected on the weight stack for both leg and calf presses. Plus, you get a non-slip rubber-covered foot plate, a telescoping back pad and stability handles.
Body-Solid Vertical Knee-Raise Attachment
Enhance your core strength and upper-body development by performing dips, vertical knee raises and more on the Body-Solid Vertical Knee-Raise Attachment for their EXM3000LPS Gym System. This user-friendly attachment offers an easy step-up platform, contoured arm pads and comfortable grips.
Body-Solid Vertical Knee-Raise and Dip Station for G9S
The Body-Solid Vertical Knee-Raise and Dip Station adds key body-weight exercises to your Body-Solid G9S Home Gym (sold separately). The contoured back and arm pads keep you supported and comfortable while you perform challenging dips and vertical knee raises.
Body-Solid Weight-Assisted Chin-Dip Machine
Whatever your body weight or fitness level, you can easily develop efficient upper-body strength with the Body-Solid Weight-Assisted Chin-Dip Machine. Two counterbalanced knee-pad platforms connect to the 210-pound weight stack, letting you perform weight-assisted dips, chin-ups or pull-ups. This user-friendly machine also provides for effective abdominal training with vertical knee raises, and offers easy step-up platforms, super-comfortable padding, and a robust 11-gauge steel frame.
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