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Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts

A lot of us view fitness goals as a battle. Start punching holes in your fitness goals by doing intense MMA workouts in your own home.

Everlast Heavy Bag Stand
Engineered For: Heavy Bag Workout
Everlast Pro Style Training Boxing Gloves
$34.99 - $39.99
Everlast's Pro Style Gloves are designed for optimum training. These gloves promote proper punching technique because they are conformed to the natural shape of your fist. Dense, innovative two-layer foam provides better shock absorbency and full padding on the front, back and wrist to promote proper punching technique. These gloves also utilize Everlast's exclusive ThumbLok feature for added safety. Made of durable synthetic leather.
Everlast 108
$3.99 - $6.99
Everlast 180" Hand Wraps are engineered for: Heavy Bag Workout, Speed Bag Workout, Cardio Strike
Everlast Nevatear Heavy Bag
$49.99 - $99.99
Engineered For: Heavy Bag Workout
Everlast Double End Anchor
The Everlast Double End Anchor is engineered for: Heavy Bag Workout
Everlast Wood Beam Heavy Bag hanger
Engineered For: Heavy Bag Workout
Everlast Double End Striking Bag
Hone your boxing skills and practice your strikes with the Everlast Everhide Double End Striking Bag. This double end boxing bag is made out of supreme-quality synthetic leather and has a durable construction that will withstand hard hits and daily abuse for long-lasting use. It features a unique design intended for focused strikes that optimizes your form and precision. The Double End Striking Bag is easy to install using the floor and ceiling fixtures, shock cord and nylon rope. Also included are the extended attachment straps with closed loops to avoid glove damage, as well as a bungee cord.
Everlast Hydrostrike Speed Bag Platform with Bag
Enjoy a great work out with confidence using the Everlast Hydrostrike Speed Bag Platform. This high-density platform is hydraulically balance for superior speed bag response.
Everlast Punch Mitts
Everlast Punch Mitts are designed to last with Everlast's tough and durable synthetic leather material, Everhide. A great training aid for sparring with your partner, these boxing mitts from Everlast are made of thick foam padding to ensure the highest safety for both sparring partners. These sturdy leather mitts provide an excellent opportunity for practicing all different types of punches. The center of each pad features an easy-to-see target in order to help the striker aim and improve the accuracy of attacks. The back has built-in finger sheaths and an elastic band in order to fit all different hand sizes.
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