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True Fitness MP 2.5 Multi Station Gym

True Fitness MP 2.5 Multi Station Gym
$7,490.00 - $8,070.00
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The MP 2.5 includes 2 weight stacks and 4 workout stations.

Leg Extension / Leg Curl

• Four starting positions for both extensions and curls allow users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs

• 5-position back pad and leg curl thigh pad accommodate a wide range of users

• Self-adjusting ankle pad eliminates need for adjustment while providing proper support throughout entire range of motion

Upper Body

• Exercise choices include Chest, Incline, & Shoulder Presses; Lat Pulldown and Seated Row; Triceps Pushdown & Extension; and Abdominal Crunch

• 8-position press arm and adjustable back pad are color coded for quick and accurate adjustment

• 5-position seat to accommodate wide range of users

• Mid-level pulley includes contoured multi-purpose strap for Abdominal and Triceps exercises

Low Swivel Pulley

• Ideal for wide range of exercises including Biceps Curl, Upright Rows, Inner Thigh, and Outer Thigh

Leg Press

• Low profile design and ergonomically positioned handles for easy entry and exit

• 6-position foot platform adjusts easily using integrated gas cylinder

• Contoured back pad provides support throughout the entire range of motion


Product Dimensions 96" L x 107" W x 83.75" H (244 cm x 272 cm x 213 cm)
Product Weight 985 lbs / 447 kgs: includes 2 x 170 lbs / 77 kgs weight stacks - 1145 lbs / 519 kgs: includes 2 x 250 lbs / 114 kgs weight stacks - 1065 lbs / 483 kgs: includes 1 x 170 lbs / 77 kgs weight stack and 1 x 250 lbs / 114 kgs weight stack
Weight Stack 2 x 170 lbs; 2 x 250 lbs; 1 x 170 lbs & 1 x 250 lbs
Warranty Type Commercial
Warranty Frame: 10 Years, Part: 5 Years, Labor: 1 Year, Cosmetic and Coating: 3 Months

* Subject to change without notice.