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Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill
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New Larger Motor! The T7 is the perfect combination of simplicity, durability, and feel. Easily track your calorie goals with ViaFit connectivity. Your runs will be comfortable and worry-free with our cushioned, low-maintenance belt. Extend your stride with the 60" x 20" running surface and Powerful 3.0 CHP digital Johnson Drive Motor that calibrates with every step. Your run or walk will be quiet and smooth. Staying in your target zone is easier with Polar heart rate monitoring (Free chest strap included with purchase). Extended power incline ranges from 0-15% to maximize the calorie burn.

Available on select Horizon Fitness® products, ViaFit™ is exclusive wireless connectivity for your exercise equipment. It enables your equipment to share your workout data with your favorite fitness apps and other tracking devices.

ViaFit simplifies workout tracking. You never have to manually enter your workouts anywhere because your equipment does it for you.
Go to to track your efforts, set a goal or join a challenge. And if you’re already tracking your fitness somewhere else? You just link those apps or devices, and ViaFit will send your workout data to them automatically as soon as your workout ends.

Tracking your health and fitness data can help you stay on course with your wellness plans. Also, sharing with friends keeps you motivated and accountable. ViaFit makes it that much easier to capture your home workouts in the apps and tools you already use and to share them with the communities where you already belong. Plus, our ever-expanding network of partners means your options will grow over time.

Do what works best for you: Monitor your progress at or with your current tracking tools. It’s your choice!

Horizon's Johnson digital drive system adjusts instantly to speed and incline changes, so you never feel the motor lag or surge. Johnson motors also run at low revolutions per minute, which minimizes noise. This keeps the motor cool, which is crucial for durability.

You get the durability of a traditional treadmill and the space-saving convenience of a folding frame. Horizon's hydraulic folding system operates effortlessly and facilitates easy storage between workouts.

Just like a running shoe, Horizon Fitness treadmills use a three-zone system to give you the ideal amount of flex in all phases of your stride. More cushioning in front absorbs some of the impact where you land, the neutral zone in the middle transitions you through your stride, and the firm back of the deck gives you support where you push off.

Horizon Fitness integrates synthetic hard wax directly into belt fibers to completely eliminate the need for routine lubrication.

What if you could run through the American Southwest or Northern Italy any time you stepped on your treadmill? Or cycle through an Alpine meadow without leaving your living room? With the revolutionary Passport™ system featuring Virtual Active™ technology, you can. The Passport media player syncs your exercise equipment to your TV so that you can run or walk as dynamic, high-definition video content is displayed on your television. The experience is further brought to life as you feel gradual incline changes as you go up and down hills or stairs. You will also hear the ambient sounds of your destination through your speakers or headphones.
The Passport media player is sold separately. Learn more at

After 15 minutes of inactivity, Horizon products equipped with the Energy Saver™ feature switch to sleep status, which draws less energy.


Power Requirements 110 - 120V
Frame Type FeatherLight Folding
User Weight Capacity 350
Motor 3.0 Continuous-Duty Horsepower
Running Area 22" X 60"
Cushioning 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning
Belt Silicone
Incline Range 0% - 15%
Speed Range 0.5-12 mph
Assembled Dimensions 77" x 35" x 60"
Folded Dimensions 44" x 35" x 69"
Assembled Weight 236lbs.
Extras Built-in Speakers, Built-in Speakers, Energy Saver™ Mode, Fan, Passport Ready, Tablet Rack, Water Bottle Holder
Exclusive Tech FeatherLight™ Folding, Johnson Drive™ System, Passport™ ready, Variable Response™ Cushioning, ViaFit™ connectivity
Warranty - Frame Lifetime
Warranty - Motor Lifetime
Warranty - Parts 5 years
Warranty - Labor 1 years

* Subject to change without notice.


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