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The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI)

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Longest, largest & oldest recreational bicycle touring event in the world!

What started as a casual bike ride across Iowa with just a few friends back in 1973, RAGBRAI is now be celebrating its 50th Year, July 22-29, 2023! Taking place right in our own backyard, we welcome you to join us for an unforgettable journey across Iowa! 

A 7-day ride with a lifetime full of memories, you will enjoy Iowa's beautiful countryside and small town hospitality with 10,000+ of your closest friends, all at your own, enjoyable pace.

Bike Burlington is accepting registration for the (100) spots it has available. Early registration is encouraged as these fill quickly. 

Spots SOLD OUT for 2023!


Come Ride With Us!

Thank you for your interest in Bike Burlington & RAGBRAI L.

When participating in the largest & oldest bicycle touring event in the world, doing so with one of Iowa's oldest & most experienced bicycle clubs makes a lot of sense. 

Bike Burlington is the perfect pairing of travel accommodation and camaraderie. With so many people participating in RAGBRAI, it's nice to have the personalized support of a bike club, making for an even more enjoyable ride. Whether a first-time rider or an experienced veteran, Bike Burlington's camping & traveling accommodations see to it that riders and their gear get safely across the state while also building lifelong memories and friendships. 

I hope the following FAQ answers most of your questions. If you need any further information, please contact me anytime! 

Happy Rides,

Tyler Bickel
Bike Burlington RAGBRAI Coordinator

Email: , Cell: (319) 572-2120


Perks of riding with Bike Burlington (Transportation & Support Benefits)

  • Roundtrip, rider transportation is provided in an air-conditioned, charter bus that will leave from and return to Bickel’s Cycling & Fitness in West Burlington, IA (taking riders to the starting RAGBRAI town and departing from the ending RAGBRAI town). A U-Haul is also rented for the transportation of bicycles & gear.
  • Parking for the week is FREE (in the lot behind Bickel’s Cycling & Fitness).
  • Bike Burlington will transport your luggage the entire week and set up the campsite daily, with the bike route clearly marked, guiding you directly to its location. Campsite canopy & chairs will be provided. Every rider is responsible for setting up their own tent, however arrangements can be made in advance with camp staff to do this on your behalf.
  • A generator is provided at the campsite to recharge cell phones and other electronic devices.
  • Bike Burlington has an experienced bike mechanic that travels with them for service, repairs, and adjustments.
  • Cold Drinks (including pop, water, Gatorade & alcoholic beverages) will be provided at the campsite. Please note - a Bike Burlington wristband will be needed to get beverages; this wristband is included in your transportation and support fee. No additional cash &/or drink tickets will be necessary.
  • The bike club will have a meet and greet meal Saturday night before the ride begins Sunday morning. This gives everyone a chance to meet each other, including the club’s RAGBRAI coordinator and hired camp director and assistants.

How many people go with Bike Burlington?

  • Bike Burlington takes approximately 100 people on RAGBRAI every year. Early registration is encouraged as spots fill quickly!

Step-by-step guide to register for RAGBRAI with Bike Burlington:

  • Complete Annual Membership Form - is $20 (Single) or $30 (Family) -
    • Membership is required to travel with Bike Burlington. Annual benefits include access to the club’s website (which includes upcoming events and rides), monthly club meetings (with free beverages provided), as well as the annual birthday party! Bike Burlington is also most notably known for its weekly Wednesday Night Dinner Rides (April– October) where riders bike together to a neighboring town for a meal and then are bused back on the club’s school bus (with attached bicycle trailer).
  • Complete Transportation & Support Form -
  • Register at - create an account (or if you're a returning rider, you'll likely have to recreate your login & password). Be sure to do the following:
    • Choose Bike Burlington Group 11 under Teams. This is where you get your wristband, as well as, the option to purchase your RAGBRAI jersey (imprinted on the side with Bike Burlington instead of the Des Moines Register) at a discount of $55 vs. the normal rate of $65. Please note – you cannot go back to redeem your discount at a later time.
    • Do NOT get a vehicle pass! You will not be able to park your vehicle with the club and our staff will not be able to drive it for you.
    • Pay and sign waiver

Who do I pay & when is it due?

  • You pay Bike Burlington and The Register. For your RAGBRAI Rider Fee (wristband), you will pay at For your Bike Burlington Membership and Transportation Fee (drink wristband included), you will pay at You can also pay your Bike Burlington Membership & Transportation Fee via check and mail to: 

Bike Burlington
P.O. Box 1135
Burlington, IA 52601

  • Fee Breakdown:
    • Des Moines Register’s Rider Fee ($225
    • RAGBRAI Jersey – if chosen - ($55
    • Bike Burlington Membership Fee ($20 Single or $30 Family
    • Bike Burlington RAGBRAI Transportation & Support Fee (includes beverage wristband):
      • Week-long Rider - $350 if paid before March 31st (bus seat guaranteed) and $375 after March 31st (bus seat not guaranteed)
      • Daily Rate - $45 if paid before March 31st and $55 after March 31st (does not include bus transportation). Please note - if riding daily and need a bus ride one direction, seats will be made available after June 5th for $75. Must be confirmed with Tyler.

Important RAGBRAI Dates to Note:

  • 11/15/22: Registration Opens - Week $200/ Day $45
  • 03/01/23: 1st registration increase - Week $225/ Day $50
  • 04/15/23: 2nd registration increase - Week $250/ Day $60
  • 05/15/23: Registration Closes

What if I miss the RAGBRAI registration deadline?

  • Try not to! If RAGBRAI waivers & club fees are not turned into the Des Moines Register by March 1st, any pending order is cancelled & you will have to reapply into a lottery system for a chance to get a ticket.

I missed the deadline to sign-up with Bike Burlington but I DID get a RAGBRAI ticket! Is it too late to go with you?!

I can’t go after all! Now what?!

  • We will do our very best to help you out, but Bike Burlington does not issue refunds on wristbands. We will try to help you sell your wristband, but we can’t make any guarantees. As for the transportation & support fee, the deadline for requesting a refund is May 31st. Again, anything after this date, we will do our best to help you sell your spot, but we can’t make any guarantees.


Ragbrai race

Packing & Drop Off Suggestions

Packing Requirements & Tips:

  • Limit luggage to 3 pieces (includes all gear, sleeping bag & tent)
  • Do not use plastic totes, trash bags or cans. Duffle bags work best!  
  • Pack each day’s clothing together in an individual, Ziploc bag (push air out when sealing).This keeps clothes protected, dry from rain & dew, and makes them easy to find together each day.

Bike Drop-Off & Transportation:

  • Bring your bicycle to Bickel’s Cycling & Fitness by 6p.m. Thursday, July 20th or 1p.m. Friday, July 21st (the earlier, the better) to be safely secured for transport. Please Noteif you bring your bike Saturday morning (if there is room), it will go into the storage unit under the charter bus. Your bike is at a significantly greater risk of being damaged being transported this way; this is not recommended. 


Equipment For Ragbrai

Suggested RAGBRAI Equipment Checklist

Obviously, you need a bike! Have one? Great! Make sure to get it professionally serviced prior to your travels. On-the-road repairs are at a premium price! Don't have a bike? We can get you fitted with the best! 

Once your bike is squared away, you will find that some basic biking essentials will see you safely & comfortably through your memorable adventures ahead. 

Come on by the shop & we'll help you get ready for the ride of your life! In the meantime, we've created a list that you can use as an easy reference.