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There's never been a better time to ride

Our World, Our Responsibility

Choose your bike for one or more trips each week & tag a photo of your ride with #GoByBike to encourage healthy living & activity!

Step 1


Choose your bike over your car for at least one trip each week.

Step 2


Share the message by posting a photo of your ride and using the #GoByBike hashtag.

Step 3


Invite others to ride and take action by tagging them in your photo.

Join the Movement



It's a beautiful world

Freedom to roam. To explore. To be human. As we emerge from isolation and re-enter the world, let’s look for new opportunities to make it an even better one.

Global warming

Time to do our part

As we continue to learn about the world around us and examine the impact of our choices, working towards a better, cleaner future is a shared goal for generations to come. 

Collective action

Collective action works

We all play a role. For every individual action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When we choose to put the greater good first and come together, amazing things happen.