Bike Trade In & Trade Up

Bike Trade In

 Bike Trade In

We understand that like people, bicycles come in all shapes, sizes and change with the times. And kids?! Well, they grow fast and it's expensive to keep buying them good, new bikes! So, we want to help by offering a bike trade in program.

Bring your bicycle(s) to our store and we will evaluate the condition, make, and model, assessing a value (up to 50% of the original purchase price) which can be used to offset the cost of an in-store purchase, be it bicycle or fitness equipment. 

We want you & your kids to enjoy riding your bicycles, and as every comfortable cyclist knows, being on the correct size makes a BIG difference! Let us help take away the worries of buying a new bicycle so you can make the most of your travels and pocketbook. 

Get a great bike, save money and help someone else benefit from your pre-loved set of wheels. Now that's a win-win! 

Fitness Equipment Trade-In

Have an old piece of exercise equipment that you just don't use &/or are excited at the prospects of upgrading to the latest and greatest units in the marketplace today? We hear ya! 

Trading-in your old equipment is a great way to refresh your home and exercise routine while helping someone else benefit from your once used goods! It's also a great way to get a discount on an in-store purchase, be it bicycle or fitness equipment. 

Bicycle & Fitness Equipment Trade-Ins Accepted Year Round

No Appointments Necessary. Contact Us for a Trade-In Quote