Bicycle Repair and Service

At Bickel's, we believe you deserve the best service possible with quick, efficient turnaround. We repair all bike brands & models, not just what we sell. 

Call ahead for Bicycle Repair & ServiceWe also offer call-ahead, same-day service, which is a great option for folks who are coming from out-of-town!

Below is a general summary of our services. Estimates are always free!  

Basic Bicycle Repair Package

• Inspect bicycle for damaged or worn parts • Adjust front and rear derailleurs
• Inspect and lubricate chain and cables • Adjust front and rear hub bearings
• Inspect all components and bolts for proper torque • Adjust bottom bracket bearings
• True front and rear wheels • Adjust headset bearings
• Inflate and inspect tires • Wipe down frame
• Adjust front and rear brakes • Test ride

*50% OFF installation of parts & itemized repairs

Deluxe Bicycle Repair Package

Includes the Basic Service Package PLUS:

• Inspect wheels for proper dish • Remove and lubricate derailleur pulleys
• Lubricate all bearings and moving parts • Remove drivetrain and clean in ultrasonic cleaner
• Remove and lubricate cables and housing • Wash and polish bicycle

*75% OFF installation of parts & itemized repairs

Overhaul Package

Includes the Deluxe Service Package PLUS:

• Completely disassemble bicycle

• Inspect alignment of front and rear dropouts

• Front and rear hubs disassembled, inspected and lubricated

• Inspect alignment of rear derailleur hanger

• Bottom bracket disassembled, inspected and lubricated

• All mechanical parts removed and cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner

• Headset disassembled, inspected and lubricated

• Wash and polish frame

• Inspect alignment of frame and fork


*FREE installation of parts & itemized repairs

Common Quick Repairs & Services

• Install Brake Cables

• Hub Adjustment

• Install Derailleur Cable & Adjust

• Headset Adjustment

• Derailleur Adjustment

• Bottom Bracket Adjustment

• Brake Adjustment

• Wheel True (Light, Standard, or Major wheel true charges)

• Fix a Flat Tire

• Quick Lube (Externally lube chain and all moving parts)

• Install Cassette or Freewhel

• Ship a Bike



Parts are not included in package price.

Tandems, trikes and recumbents will incur an additional $25 charge for a tune-up and $50 for a complete overhaul.

Additional charges may apply for non-standard work & excessively dirty bikes

There is a $20 per month storage fee for any bicycle not claimed within 30-days after repair is completed.