Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaner

Dirty Cycling Components

*Before Ultrasonic Cleaning*

Some would argue that a bicycle is man’s best friend on two legs! We all know that a beloved companion needs a good, routine grooming, and for many years, a drum of petroleum, mineral-based spirits would be used to clean the grim & gunk off a bicycle’s drivetrain. Now in an environmentally-conscious, ‘green’ era, Bickel’s has invested in a sonic tank that kicks that solvent drum right down the road. 

A rather simple but techy idea, chains, cassettes, derailleurs, etc. are placed into a basket, lowered into a tank that holds water & light detergent,  adds heat (at specified temps), & produces sonic vibrations for cleaning. After a period of time, the parts are removed & then submerged into the second tank of heated oil (again with the use of sonic vibrations) for lubing. After a period of time, parts are removed to dry. “It’s a win-win,” says Chris Bonar, Bickel’s 23-year veteran mechanic, “Not only are we eliminating the need for a harsh, petroleum-based product, but the sonic cleaner does an even better job of getting into the nooks & crannies of bicycle components, such as the pins & rollers. Plus, the solvent is really tough on your hands!” While always happy to help, don’t count on Chris offering his services as a hand model quite yet!

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Clean Cycling Components

*After Ultrasonic Cleaning*